Snapshot survey of community heritage in Scotland during COVID-19
This short snapshot survey can be taken as a fair indicator of the state of play currently and in the short to medium term as a result of lockdown during Covid-19, and is in line with other surveys and information across the independent heritage sector.
You can download the report here (opens in new window)


In 2019, we carried out 12 Community Heritage Scotland Research Workshops funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. These took place around Scotland culminating with an international conference held in November 2019.  The funding partners are the Museums, Galleries and Collections Institute (MGCI) of the University of St Andrews, the National Library of Scotland, and Ergadia Heritage.

You can download the final report here: RSE Community Heritage Scotland Research Workshops (2019) (opens in new window)

An e-publication from the conference held at the University of St Andrews in November 2019 will be available shortly.


The initial phase of the SCHA project was to carry out consultation with the community heritage sector, which took place online and directly in communities over two years. The reports are available here:

Survey outcomes: Community Heritage Survey – online questionnaire analysis

Discussion document: Community Heritage Scotland discussion document

Next steps: CHS summary and Next Steps

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