Research Workshops Tour 2019

The University of St Andrews Museums, Galleries and Collections Institute (MGCI) is a key partner for SCHA in 2019. They are acting as the lead organisation in a research project, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, investigating a potential new national network for community heritage in Scotland. The other main partners are the National Library of Scotland and Ergadia Museums and Heritage. Ergadia drove the first survey work in 2018 with primary funding from Historic Environment Scotland, and continues to play a major role in organising the forthcoming workshop tour.

Gaining a better understanding of the very diverse and complex community heritage sector is vital to our work going forward. These partners all have strong connections with communities, and the data they are helping us to gather is useful to them as well as us. Together we are a powerhouse of activity!

The programmes for the workshops will focus on the potential for a new national network for community heritage – if or why we need it, and what it might look like. Each workshop will be started off by a speaker to warm us up and stimulate ideas, and the floor will then be opened up for discussion. What you tell us will influence what happens in the future – don’t miss the opportunity!

See below for the dates and venues of the workshops. We’ve tried to spread these across as much of Scotland as possible, given time and money constraints, but please forgive us if there isn’t one close to you. All the workshops are free to attend but need to be booked in advance here: bit/ly/RSEtour