Blog: Community Heritage Alliance Scotland

We are all part of communities.  Small communities, big communities, communities of place communities of interest, local communities, global communities, tangled together in (now disrupted) daily rhythms, our favourite events and festivals, shared seasonal traditions,  and through how we respond to big changes to our planet.

At this time, locked down at home in the face of a global pandemic, perhaps now the need for and role of the Scottish Community Heritage Alliance has never been clearer. 

We are all worried and weary with uncertainties, there are major challenges ahead for organisations and individuals who often work tirelessly to sustain community heritage projects and initiatives.  We know how broad the interests and activities around community heritage are: be it archives, archaeology, buildings, collections, dance, genealogy, historic environment, local history, stories and songs, and so much more.  But at the core of most community heritage is a desire to care for or improve things for a particular place, for a specific community, through for example better access and greater appreciation of a shared heritage.

Many of us, may feel alone and isolated, despite the apparent ease to connect digitally, and at times like these we need our friends and allies. 

So perhaps most important to SCHA is the actions of alliance, providing a space across all aspects of community heritage:

  • To support, nurture and grow.
  • To inspire, promote and celebrate.

In this spirit, we want to highlight through these blog posts, in the coming weeks, the successes of community heritage groups in Scotland and beyond, to amplify where support is needed as we respond to current challenges.

~ Gavin MacGregor

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